About us

There are a lot styles out there. Every women is different, every women is beautiful, every women is unique. We are different in every step of our life and we have to celebrate all of them showing the best of us.
Fashion also changes constantly, but we all have classic pieces in our closet, timeless pieces and eternal. Especially pieces that are basic and essential that with only a twist of shoes and accessories, we have a completely different look.
I began to call "basics"  those pieces that no matter what was "in", I needed because I knew that I would have them forever. Suits and blouses, that in color and style are an essential that perfectly mix with a fashion item resulting an statement outfit.  That's the fun of fashion, create your own style, play in your closet with those basics and the new trends.  That's why BASIC is... forever items without forget what's happening out there.
"With good basics, you will have endless options"